Beginner Level 2

Strumming Patterns 3-5 – Beginner Level 2+

Strumming patterns 3 to 5 build on the skills learned in the previous 2 patterns. It also the end of your beginner level. After completing this course you are an intermediate player.

Strumming Patterns 1&2 – Beginner Level 2+

Strumming patterns 1-5 are used a lot and are all taken from actual songs . They are built using the rhythmic building blocks of earlier courses and if you’ve learned those lessons well, these should be a nice step up.

8th Note Rhythms – Beginner Level 2

One small step in music, one giant leap for a beginner! 8th note rhythms are the building blocks of many well known strumming patterns. Some of the most used patterns are based on the building blocks that you learn in this course.

1st Position Chords – Beginner Level 2

Not many chords are needed to play 95% of all songs in popular western music. With these you will probably be able to play most (if not all) of your favourite tunes. The course can be done in freeform so you can just look up the chords you need. Below each video is a chord diagram that shows the chord as well.

Strumming Layers – Beginner Level 2

There’s much more to strumming than just rhythm and chords. It is how we play and the selection of strings we play that can really change the feel of a rhythm. It seems strange, but one and the same rhythm could feel vastly different depending on how the strumming pattern is “layered” and how the notes are “articulated”. This short course is a first step towards really making your strumming groove!