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Hey! I'm André, the instructor of the Nelson Guitar And Music Academy

This is the student portal where all my students get online coaching, additional courses, video tutorials, and more. Get the best of both online and face-to-face lessons by combining them in 1 convenient package! If you’re a student, please make sure you a logged into your account, if you’re a visitor but would like to take lessons then please contact me here.

Followed by over 113,000+ students on YouTube!

Since 2010 I’ve been active on youtube providing free guitar lessons for students across the world. The lessons generated 21 million view and the experience has helped me in many ways to improve my teaching.¬†

Why my Lessons & Courses?

Online Support Courses

I've been teaching for 25 years and started creating online lessons and course content almost 10 years ago. All that experience has helped shaping my lessons and video tutorials.


I have studied Jazz and World Music Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands. I graduated for my bachelor of music in 2003 and received my masters degree in 2005. In the years thereafter I worked at various music schools and in 2016 started working as a guitar instructor at Selkirk College.

Accelerated Learning

One of the most challenging things is creating new habits. In the online portal are video tutorials and many tips to help build a solid practice routine. This will make your practicing more fun & productive so you can reach your goals faster!

Your Virtual Coach 24/7

There's so much that happens in a music lesson and many things are easily forgotten. Knowing that the essential information is just a click away gives a peace of mind and removes any mental roadblocks to practice.